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Shunkei Takahashi 高橋 俊景
in 1979 I graduated from Japanese-style art of the Tokyo Art University.
in 1979〜1989 I did practice asceticism for landscape in Shinshyu,Touhoku,and Hokkaido in Japan.
in 1992〜1997

I opened up an exhibition in Tokyo-Sentoraru Art Museum, Tokyu Department Store (Nagano. Komoro), Robinson Department Store (Kasukabe), etc.
And I participated in many group art exhibitions, and also exhibited in international art contests etc. I got Gold Medal Prize at the 2nd Art Contest of 6 gou(41cm×31.8cm).
in 1997〜

I exhibited in Heart Art 97 in Los Angeles. I was awarded Art Merit Prize in the 1st Monako Japan Festival.
in 1999 I open up an exihibition at Saitama-ken(prefectural) Modern Art Museum.
in 2000 May, I was invited the Third Beijing Capital Art Exposition 2000.
August, I opened "Toshikag Takahashi Landscape Exhibit" at National Arts Club in New York.
in 2001 I was invited The Great Arts Exhibition-The Fifth World Chinese Arts Competition in Hong Kong.
in 2002 I traveled in Finland for gathering art data.
in 2003 I traveled in Sowth Sweden and Denmark for gathering art data.
in 2004 I traveled in Portugal for gathering art data.
in 2005 I traveled in Spain for gathering art data.

Sapporo Zenniku(ANA) Hotel is in possession of my art 100 gou(160cm×130cm).
Hotel Okura is in possession of my art.
New York The National Arts Club Former Member.
Bei ing East Shinshu Writing & Painting Adviser.

I covered in Greece, Corse, etc.
Born in 1951 in Tokyo.

高橋 俊景 Shunkei Takahashi
〒344-0011 埼玉県春日部市藤塚2306-10
          TEL&FAX: 048-737-6635
e-mail :
1979 東京芸術大学日本画科卒業。
1979〜1989 信州、東北、北海道で風景画の修行をする。

東京セントラル絵画館、東急百貨店(長野、小諸)、ロビンソン百貨店(春日部)など個展多数。 国際交流美術展など、グループ展多数。第2回6号作品コンクール金賞。
1997〜 ロサンゼルス芸術祭出品。第1回モナコ日本フェスティバル芸術功労賞。
1999 埼玉県立近代美術館個展
2000 2月 「台湾日本アジア芸術祭2000」出品
5月 「第三回北京首都芸術博覧会」招待出品
8月 ナショナル・アーツ・クラブ(ニューヨーク)で「高橋俊景風景画展」開催
2001 第5回世界華人芸術大会香港招待出品
2002 北欧フィンランド取材
2003 北欧スウェーデン・デンマーク取材
2004 ポルトガル取材
2005 スペイン取材

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