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Shunkei Takahashi 高橋 俊景
in 1979 I graduated from Japanese-style art of the Tokyo Art University.
in 1979〜1989 I did practice asceticism for landscape in Shinshyu,Touhoku,and Hokkaido in Japan.
in 1992〜1997

I opened up an exhibition in Tokyo-Sentoraru Art Museum, Tokyu Department Store (Nagano. Komoro), Robinson Department Store (Kasukabe), etc.
And I participated in many group art exhibitions, and also exhibited in international art contests etc. I got Gold Medal Prize at the 2nd Art Contest of 6 gou(41cm×31.8cm).
in 1997〜

I exhibited in Heart Art 97 in Los Angeles. I was awarded Art Merit Prize in the 1st Monako Japan Festival.
in 1999 I open up an exihibition at Saitama-ken(prefectural) Modern Art Museum.
in 2000 May, I was invited the Third Beijing Capital Art Exposition 2000.
August, I opened "Toshikag Takahashi Landscape Exhibit" at National Arts Club in New York.
in 2001 I was invited The Great Arts Exhibition-The Fifth World Chinese Arts Competition in Hong Kong.
in 2002 I traveled in Finland for gathering art data.
in 2003 I traveled in Sowth Sweden and Denmark for gathering art data.
in 2004 I traveled in Portugal for gathering art data.
in 2005 I traveled in Spain for gathering art data.
in 2007〜2013   Japan, Tohoku, Yamanashi other coverage
 in 2014〜2018  Japan, Fukushima Urabandai, Nagano, Iwate, Akita other coverage
 2019  Iwate Kitayamazaki coverage
in 2020,  in 2021   Chiba coverage,  Saitama coverage
in 2022,  in 2023 Tokyo coverage、 Saitama coverage,  Chiba coverage,

Sapporo Zenniku(ANA) Hotel is in possession of my art 100 gou(160cm×130cm).
Hotel Okura is in possession of my art.
New York The National Arts Club Former Member.
Bei ing East Shinshu Writing & Painting Adviser.

I covered in Greece, Corse, North Europe, West Europe
The Mediterranean Sea, North America, etc.
The past thanより過去 The past 過去   The second 現在    The first 現在      

高橋 俊景 Shunkei Takahashi
〒344-0011 埼玉県春日部市藤塚2306-10
          TEL&FAX: 048-737-6635
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1979 東京芸術大学日本画科卒業。
1979〜1989 信州、東北、北海道で風景画の修行をする。

東京セントラル絵画館、東急百貨店(長野、小諸)、ロビンソン百貨店(春日部)など個展多数。 国際交流美術展など、グループ展多数。第2回6号作品コンクール金賞。
1997〜 ロサンゼルス芸術祭出品。第1回モナコ日本フェスティバル芸術功労賞。
1999 埼玉県立近代美術館個展
2000 2月 「台湾日本アジア芸術祭2000」出品
5月 「第三回北京首都芸術博覧会」招待出品
8月 ナショナル・アーツ・クラブ(ニューヨーク)で「高橋俊景風景画展」開催
2001 第5回世界華人芸術大会香港招待出品
2002 北欧フィンランド取材
2003 北欧スウェーデン・デンマーク取材
2004 ポルトガル取材
2005 スペイン取材
2006〜2013 国内取材、東北・山梨他取材
 2014〜2018 国内、福島裏磐梯・長野・岩手・秋田他取材
2019  岩手北山崎取材
 2020, 2021 千葉取材、 埼玉取材
2022, 2023   東京取材、 千葉取材、 埼玉取材

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